About us

We build and execute strategies to foster meaningful interactions — digital, analog and in-person — that create emotional bonds between brands and customers.


Smart strategy grows businesses

We base our strategies on what Simon Sinek calls “the why” — because consumers today follow brands that know and authentically live their reason for existence. (Some of us called it the “essential truth” back in the day.) When we do our jobs, every execution across every media platform reinforces our client’s “why” and deepens their connection to their customer.


54 Brands means something

Golf courses through our DNA (see what we did there?). Birdie every hole and you’ve shot 54 — the perfect round of golf. Although it’s never officially happened in a tournament, we like the idea of pursuing perfection for the brands we serve.


Over 30 years experience

54 Brands is the combination of two smart companies: The Burris Agency, a 30-year-old marketing and communications company, and 54 Sports, a high-end corporate entertainment and event planning business. Across every communication touch point, for every company event, we craft integrated programs designed to nourish brands, connect with customers and help our clients grow.


A small team who thinks big

We’ve all worked in big, lumbering shops, and we believe nimble is better. When client needs require specialized hands on deck, we can call on our national network of providers, groomed and proven over the years, to fill the need. Grant access to the right people, data and systems, and we’ll show you efficiency and collaborative results big shops can’t match.

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    Jack Burris

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    Robert Miller

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    Mark Surles

  • Kelly

    Kelly Cuddihy

    Project Leader
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    Jesse Cummings

    Digital Director
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    Ginny Gaylor

    Communications Director
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    Steve Peet

    Strategy Director and Writer
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    Suzanne Tormollen

    Public Relations Director
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    Dean Wagner

    Creative Director