About us

We’re small, we’re agile, we work fast and smart. We like it that way and when we find clients who appreciate it (they’re rare), we break our backs to expand the relationship.


It’s all about why you exist

TED Talks sensation Simon Sinek calls it “The Why” — because consumers today follow brands that know and authentically live their reason for existence. (We called it the “essential truth” back in the day.) Some clients know theirs and live it. Some need help finding it and inhabiting it. We see our jobs as giving your why a voice and making sure every execution across every media platform reinforces it.


54 Brands stands for something

Our history is rife with golf. We love the game and what it stands for. If you play, you know that if you birdie every hole you’ve shot 54 — the perfect round of golf. It’s never officially happened in a tournament. But we like the idea of pursuing perfection for the brands we serve.


More than 30 years shaping brands

Like most we have gone through some name changes and renovations over the years. The key takeaway is this: Across every communication touch point, for every company event, we craft integrated programs designed to nourish brands, connect with customers and help our clients grow.


A small team who thinks big

We’ve all worked in big, lumbering shops, and we believe nimble is better. When client needs require specialized hands on deck, we can call on our national network of providers, groomed and proven over the years, to fill the need. Grant access to the right people, data and systems, and we’ll show you efficiency and collaborative results big shops can’t match.

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