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When Earth takes action against a killer asteroid, do we send an army? No. We send in a small, kick-ass team of experts. Because that’s how mission critical stuff gets done. Assess the situation, set the right strategy, then do the work. No bureaucracy, no drama. We’re a tight squad, savvy in B2B and B2C marketing and communications. Save the day? That’s what we’ve been doing for more than 30 years.

Are you looking for a strategic communications partner with a lot of layers and who tells you what you want to hear? Keep looking. We're not that.

– Jack Burris, CEO, 54 Brands


Branding / Strategy / Website

Tabula rasa. Clean sheet. Blank canvas. That’s what we faced when a group of entrepreneurs in the IT space called. “We’re launching a new company and we need to stand apart when we do. A name, a brand, a story,” they said. You’ve come to the right place, we said.

Go Mini’s

Digital / Print / Strategy / Website

Top to bottom, GoMini’s business model beats PODs or 1-800-PACKRAT. Problem was, their prime franchisee prospects didn’t know it. We knew exactly what to do to set them apart.

Kirkland, Inc.

Branding / Logo / Website

A tagline can be predictable statement or it can be concise expression of your brand and an efficient way to communicate your value proposition and differentiation. Kirkland, a custom home builder, trusted us to reposition the business and expand into commercial development.

Club Car

Branding / Digital / Event activation / Print / Strategy

54 Brands and Club Car—A relationship that made Club Car the market leader and helped build our reputation as the most experienced marketing resource in the golf business.

SynaTek Solutions

Branding / Content / Product Launch / Repositioning / Website

A successful and well-respected regional manufacturer and supplier of soil amendments and ice melt products, SynaTek’s development of new technologies and organics elevated their capabilities to compete nationally. They asked us to help make it happen.

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