We deliver value by creating meaningful connections between our clients and their customers.

And, we don’t mind saying, we’re damn good at it.

Email, print advertising, website, luxe suite at a high-caliber event or client appreciation trip ...

Which touchpoint will your customers judge you by?

“The main block to creativity is the fear of being judged by others, not the fear of failure per se.”

— Tom Kelly, IDEO

“A small team of A Players can run circles around a giant team of B and C Players.”

— Steve Jobs

“Make your customer the hero of your stories.”

— Anne Handley, author of “Everybody Writes”

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

— Andrew Davis

We deliver value by creating meaningful connections between our clients and their customers.

And, we don’t mind saying, we’re damn good at it.


Jack Burris


Marketing and brand strategist, idea generator, project leader and problem solver, Jack’s owned and invested in several small businesses, bought and sold advertising, managed teams, and, after 15 years, whittled his handicap to a single digit. Prior to merging his firm with the corporate event and entertainment company in June 2016, Jack was the owner of The Burris Agency, Inc., a 32-year-old advertising agency.

In addition to working with clients, Jack has led projects on everything from international advertising campaigns to hyper-local social media promotions. When he’s not helping his clients engage with their customers and prospects, you can find him with his wife, Beth, and kids, Quinn (6) and Lucy (4), as well as on the golf course or at UNC basketball and football games.


Robert Miller


Robert is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with a 25 year track record of success in business development, sales, marketing and management. Previously serving as Vice President of Corporate Development for The PGA TOUR CLUB and later as Vice President of Business Development at Richard Petty Motorsports, where he managed sponsorship sales for the NASCAR team, Robert has orchestrated sponsor relationships for some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. He has also started three businesses. In addition to leading business development and event management for 54 Brands, Robert enjoys golf and spending time with his family in Charlotte and at Ocean Isle Beach.


Mark Surles


I’m interested in how a business works. From the idea to start it, to what makes it successful, and especially the lessons learned from the failures along the way. The common thread for every successful business is strong relationships. Through those relationships comes reputation. As the saying goes, “It takes years to establish a reputation and seconds to ruin it.”

I’m uncomfortable writing my own bio, so here are the highlights:

  • I have a fantastic family that I am extremely proud of
  • Love to play golf
  • 1988 graduate of the University of South Carolina
  • Started, grew and sold several businesses
  • Grew up in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, and have lived in Charlotte since 1991

Anne Cassity


Starting her career with a New York City magazine publisher, Anne learned how to manage numerous production deadlines while wearing many hats. She quickly found her love for print design and page layout. Flash forward 32 years and Anne not only continues to crush on design, it’s become an obsession. While she enjoys wrangling multi-faceted projects and crusading for the big idea, she never loses sight of the greater goal when it comes to creating a consistent image for her client’s brand. Along the way Anne has enjoyed raising two beautiful daughters with her husband of 30 years. When not designing at her computer, Anne enjoys designing in her home, her garden and her art studio. She’s also an avid reader, a spiritual pilgrim and yogi.


Kelly Cuddihy

Project Manager

Kelly joins 54 Brands after five years of managing a wide range of projects at Golf Channel encompassing everything from events to communications and marketing to senior leadership presentations. With a background rooted in the fast-paced sports media industry, she is used to wearing multiple hats in order to successfully execute any project. She is especially excited about keeping one foot in the golf world. While she still hasn’t graduated from miniature golf, she’s an avid fan and has a deep passion for the game. When she’s not in the office, you can find her walking her Great Dane mix in Freedom Park or exploring Charlotte’s best foodie spots.


Jesse Cummings

Digital Director

Jesse brings a wide range of skills to the table that allow him to quickly identify challenges and solve them with elegant and functional digital solutions. Having previously worked at several startups, he understands that efficiency and quality are of the utmost importance. Jesse continues to adhere to those standards in his work at 54 Brands. He enjoys the challenge web development offers and is always searching for ways to push the limits. When he is not feverishly coding, Jesse enjoys spending time with his family, fishing the streams of Northern Michigan and finding the opportunity to toss out a good dad joke.


Ginny Gaylor

Content Writer

She looked up from a document and realized more than 15 years had passed. Where did the time go? It was just yesterday that she was wrapping up a MFA in Creative Writing, which led to writing about weddings, then furniture, next museums and, somehow, healthcare. No matter what the topic, she still gets excited about learning new things and thrives on the diversity of shifting between the worlds of writing and editing/proofreading. When she isn’t banishing serial commas, she enjoys even more reading, cooking and baking new recipes, taking in the latest animated flick or superhero epic with her son Jeb and sharing some laughs with her husband Joe.


Denise Mannoia

Event Planner

A Certified Meeting Planner with 15 years experience in the corporate incentive industry, Denise brings her detail-oriented professionalism to event creation, planning, logistics and execution.


Steve Peet

Strategy Director

Over a 30-year career Steve has written for newspapers big and small, directed creative at ad agencies small and medium and even — gasp! — worked on the client side as a brand manager and marketing director. He has shouldered a variety of responsibilities across multiple disciplines and numerous product and service categories, but what has always interested Steve most is crafting words and imagery into stories that connect people to brands. Nothing elevates his pulse like finding an essential truth and authentic voice for a client, and then helping them effectively express it. Although tailing bonefish and a well-struck long iron come close.


Suzanne Tormollen


Suzanne has more than 20 years of experience in corporate communications as both a consultant and in-house public relations manager. She’s helped more than a dozen early stage, venture capital-backed companies significantly raise market awareness across a variety of industries including biotechnology, enterprise software, education, healthcare, manufacturing, semiconductor, security and telecommunications. In addition to her corporate work, she’s engaged with several non-profit organizations helping with event management and publicity.


Dean Wagner

Creative Director

Dean has enjoyed a long track record of various creative pursuits with clients at 54 Brands, ranging from graphic design and illustration to photography and art direction. Previously he was creative director of the relationship marketing arm of a large regional agency that focused heavily on auto racing. After making the move to Burris, his sports marketing experience took an enjoyable turn into golf and resort work. Now 54 Brands continues the tradition of providing compelling and effective creative materials. Besides working the creative crackpipe at 54, Dean likes spending time designing and building things in his basement workshop.