An idea company specializing in marketing and events.

An idea company specializing in marketing and events.

How to Get Great Responses to Your Marketing Emails

Everyone these days is sending out marketing emails. How can you help your messages stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to increase the response rate to your emails.

Freshen Up Your List
Do you have a list that you’ve had for a long time? Email subscriber lists eventually become stale, so it may be that you have to add some new subscribers. One strategy is to set up a lead form on a landing page and have any who reply automatically added to your email list.

Another idea is to email your current list a survey, offering a gift card for those that complete it. This engages your readers, helping you determine which subscribers are still interested. If your list does need updating, this is a great way to help you reinvigorate it.

Mobile Tested
Since 2011, mobile open rates have increased 180 percent. Many email tools have responsive templates built into their content. However, not all templates will look great on both desktop and mobile platforms. It’s important that your mobile email be designed so that it’s readable, as well as customized for optimal mobile viewing.

Finally, you must test, test, test to make sure emails look great across platforms. When you start creating responsive emails, you be prepared to roll your sleeves up and customize your code to ensure everything looks good, no matter how your clients are viewing it.

Certainly you want to be careful about coming across as creepy, but if you aren’t personalizing your emails in some way, you’re missing an important opportunity. Even something as simple as creatively using a person’s name, either in the subject or the body copy, will increase your response rates.

There are a multitude of AB tests you can do. For instance, test two different subject lines, two different designs or different send times. By sending your email to a small sample list first, you can determine what grabs people’s attention the most. What they respond to may surprise you.

While AB testing can be helpful, don’t go overboard. Testing three different subject lines, or testing a subject line against a design, will only complicate matters. For the best results, keep it simple.

Don’t Buy a List
It can be really tempting to buy a list. Almost all lists you purchase will probably be bad, or, as the industry refers to them, “dirty.” A purchased list doesn’t contain people that are really interested in your business. Growing your own list organically is better.

Your call to action buttons should always be located near the top of the email—as we call it, “Above the Fold.” Also, make sure your buttons are large enough in the mobile format that they’re easy to click.