We deliver value by creating meaningful connections between our clients and their customers.

And, we don’t mind saying, we’re damn good at it.

Email, print advertising, website, luxe suite at a high-caliber event or client appreciation trip ...

Which touchpoint will your customers judge you by?

“The main block to creativity is the fear of being judged by others, not the fear of failure per se.”

— Tom Kelly, IDEO

“A small team of A Players can run circles around a giant team of B and C Players.”

— Steve Jobs

“Make your customer the hero of your stories.”

— Anne Handley, author of “Everybody Writes”

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

— Andrew Davis

We deliver value by creating meaningful connections between our clients and their customers.

And, we don’t mind saying, we’re damn good at it.

AT&T Executive Golf Events

What can we do for you and your best customers, AT&T?

Managing executive golf events for AT&T does wonders for our credit card travel miles. The country’s largest provider of fixed telephone services crisscrosses the country to host appreciation events for their top customers. Making sure everyone arrives to find every detail set and ready for a flawless experience means the 54 Brands advance team lives the phrase “road warriors.”

San Diego to Scottsdale to Chicago to D.C., AT&T hosts gatherings in cities across the country. This critical component of their sales and marketing attracts 750+ guests annually for full-day events at some of golf’s most desirable addresses.

What is 54 Brands role? Find, scout and vet those addresses, negotiate agreements, arrange golf, entertainment, transportation, participation by PGA TOUR professionals and efficiently reconcile the entire event. Our work leaves AT&T unburdened of managing dozens of vendors and invoices and free to make every guest, every vendor, every participant feel truly appreciated. Which is what every event should accomplish.

AT&T engages key customers coast-to-coast

Up To 10 Events Annually

We seek out some of the country’s most prestigious clubs to host the events. Short business meetings kick off each day’s agenda followed by a variety of activities that nourish meaningful discussions in a relaxed environment away from the office.

Multiple Cities

Each year’s schedule is driven by key targets, as determined by AT&T. With that knowledge, 54 Brands plots event locales nationwide, balancing convenient proximity against the prestige of the venue. As in real estate, event success relies on location, location, location.

Up To 100 Guests

Depending on the market, the guest list can range from 60 to 100 of AT&T’s top customers and influencers. Event itineraries can vary, but so long as each guest leaves feeling genuinely appreciated and truly valued by AT&T, mission accomplished.

Entertaining Arrangements

Golf anchors every event so 54 Brands leverages deep experience and a wide network in the industry to make every one memorable. Securing courses, recruiting and negotiating with TOUR talent like Billy Andrade and Corey Pavin, and managing tournament formats are all part of the package.

Liberating Logistics

Job No. 1 is to ensure our clients at AT&T are freed from any concerns that could distract them from meaningful engagement with their key customers. From transportation and meals, to parties and entertainment, 54 Brands orchestrates the movements of multiple vendors and reconciles all invoices. It’s what we do.

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